What to expect

  1. 1/2
    Day 15

    Clairvee probiotic blend begins to colonize in the vagina, balancing its microbiome and returning vaginal pH to a healthy level.* ¹

  2. 1
    Month 1

    By now, Clairvee has restored and balanced the vaginal microbiome, as shown in clinical studies.* A balanced vaginal microbiome can help alleviate issues like odor, itch and discharge. ¹ ² ³

  3. 3
    Month 3 & 4

    Clairvee continues to maintain a balanced vaginal microbiome month after month. Maintaining a healthy microbiome supports the vagina’s natural defense system and prevents issues like odor, itch and discharge from occurring.* ² ³

  4. 6
    Month 6

    Everyday factors like sex, periods, diet, stress, underwear fabrics and hot weather can disrupt the vaginal microbiome. Unlike douches and washes, which can worsen symptoms over time, Clairvee maintains long-term balance when used monthly.* ² ³

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