Clinically effective

A randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial in 54 women showed that Relizen significantly reduced hot flashes compared to placebo, with greater reductions over time ¹

After 3 months, 65% of patients taking Relizen experienced a reduction in their daily hot flashes ¹


Relizen relieves vasomotor symptoms with no hormonal effect* 1-3

 In an in vitro study

  • Relizen produced no proliferation of MCF-7 breast cancer cells, which are dependent on interaction with estrogen receptors, in contrast to 17-beta estradiol, which produced proliferation ³

 In a pre-clinical study

  • Relizen did not increase uterine weight even at 100x the equivalent human daily dose. In contrast, ethinyl estradiol increased uterine weight ²

 In a clinical study

  • Relizen showed no impact on measurements of estrogen, testosterone, FSH, and SHBG and showed no difference in breakthrough bleeding versus placebo¹

Safe and well-tolerated

Demonstrated safety in clinical trials and in real world experience

  • Across multiple double-blind, placebo-controlled trials, adverse events were no different from placebo
  • No inhibition of the CYP2D6 metabolic pathway, and no observed drug interactions 1,6
  • Safely used by more than 1 million women in europe, where it has been available for over 15 years5

Relizen is taken as two tablets, once per day, with or without food.