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Women's Wear Daily – April 2024 – Bonafide®
Wellness is the Hot New M&A Target

Huffington Post  April 2024 – Bonafide®
How Exactly Should You Wash Yourself 'Down There'? Doctors Have Thoughts

Well+Good – March 2024Bonafide®
Bleeding After Sex? Here's What Your Body is Trying to Tell You.

Women's Health Magazine  February 2024 – Bonafide®
12 Reasons You Always Feel Hot (And How to Cool Off!) According to Doctors 

Well + Good – December 2023 – Bonafide®
Can Menopause Cause Dehydration? What OB/GYNs Want You to Know  November 2023 – Revaree®
Bonafide's Revaree Uses the Power of Hyaluronic Acid to Relieve Menopause Symptoms

PR Newswire – November 2023 – Bonafide®
Pharmavite Announces $425 Million Acquisition of Bonafide Health to Become Leader in Women’s Health

Medscape – September 2023 – Revaree®
Hyaluronic Acid Suppository Improves Menopause Symptoms

Woman’s World – August 2023 – Revaree®
MDs Reveal The Best Natural Remedies for ‘Down There’ Dryness

Prevention – July 2023 – Relizen®
The 8 Best Menopause Supplements to Help Manage Symptoms

Health – May 2023 – Revaree®
Editor’s Picks: 9 Vaginal Moisturizers and Lubricants That Ease Vaginal Dryness

Fast Company – May 2023 – 2021 State of Menopause Survey
Leaders: We Need to Talk About the Issue That Impacts Nearly Half of the Global Workforce

Good Housekeeping – April 2023 – Relizen®
The Best Menopause Supplements, Reviewed by Experts

Vogue  March 2023 – Clairvee®
What You Need to Know About Your Vaginal Microbiome

Fortune – June 2022 – 2022 State of Menopause Survey
Women Are Unprepared for the Realities of Menopause. Experts Say That Urgently Needs to Change

Pure Wow – March 2022 – Clairvee®
What Are the Signs of Perimenopause? (And What to Do If You Have Them, According to Doctors and Experts)

Oprah Daily – November 2022 – Clairvee®
Feeling Nervous About Menopause? These Trailblazers Are Here to Help

Forbes – September 2022 – Bonafide®
Stacy London to Gather Menopause CEOs for a Day Of Collaboration, Not Competition


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