How it works

Join the Bonafide rewards program today and earn points each time you shop and start saving by earning exclusive discounts.

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    Create an account to join
    Bonafide rewards.

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    Earn points every time
    you shop!

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    Redeem the points you've
    earned for exclusive discounts.

  • $

    100 points = $5

  • $

    200 points = $10

  • $

    300 points = $15

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Bonafide rewards?

Bonafide rewards is our points program! We wanted to give back to our loyal customers and introduced Bonafide rewards so that members can receive points toward valuable discount rewards with every Bonafide purchase or when taking specific actions. When you sign up for our Bonafide rewards program, you can earn points toward discounts on our products!

How do I join Bonafide rewards?

Signing up is easy: if you’ve already signed up for a Bonafide account, you’re in! Simply log in to your account, click “My Rewards” in the account menu, and scroll down to see your Bonafide rewards information.

If you don’t have a Bonafide account, simply register for one using the same email address you used to place your Bonafide purchases. Once you set up your account, you can begin to earn points toward rewards. For more information on setting up your Bonafide account, please see our FAQ “How do I set up a Bonafide account?”

How can I earn points?

To start earning points, simply set up a Bonafide account! Once you have your account set up, you can earn points on every purchase you make or when you complete certain engagements with Bonafide! Points can be earned for each dollar you spend when you purchase with us, or each time you take a specific action. For more information on what actions can earn you points, log in to your Bonafide account, visit, and scroll down to see our most up to date ways to earn. This link can also be found in the footer at the bottom of our website.

We’re always thinking of new ways for our members to earn points, so check back in periodically for updates!

If you don’t have a Bonafide account, please see our FAQ “How do I set up a Bonafide account?”

Do my points expire?

The points you earn will be yours to use for 12 months, so be sure to start shopping today to take advantage of them! Following the 12 months, points expire and you start over again.

Does Bonafide have a referral program?

Yes, we do! We love hearing stories about our customers empowering other women they know and love with Bonafide relief, and to thank you, we’re making access to that relief as easy as possible.

For every friend you successfully refer, they’ll get $15 off their first Bonafide purchase of $35 of more, and you’ll get $15 in points to use as you wish! Please note that a successful referral is captured when your friend completes a purchase.

There are a couple ways you can invite your friends:

  • Log in to your Bonafide account and select “My Rewards” in the top menu. Scroll down and you’ll see “Refer a friend,” asking for your friends’ emails to invite them.
  • Visit, and enter your information and your friends’ information as prompted on screen. This link can also be found in the footer at the bottom of our website.

Don’t forget to tell your friends to make their Bonafide purchase using the link and discount code provided by your referral! Unfortunately, if they do not use that code, or do not use the email you referred them with, we will not be able to link their purchase to your referral so you may miss out on points. Making sure your friends use the referral code to purchase will also help ensure that they get their discount!

And don’t forget, referring friends can also help you advance in our VIP tiers, making you eligible for exclusive benefits!