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Clairvee has changed my life!

Clairvee is wonderful and I am so glad that my Gynecologist recommended it. My vagina feels brand new and I don’t have irritation or discomforts like I used to. Sooo happy that this exists and is affordable! Truly life changing and has given me a new quality of life.

Tanisha, Clairvee customer
Suffer no More Ladies!

This product is amazing! I recently turned 50 and began experiencing unbearable night sweats that would wake me up 3 to 4 times each night. ... My OBGYN recommended Bonafide and gave me samples of Relizen. Desperate for relief, I immediately began taking it. Within 2 weeks the night sweats were reduced by 50%. Within a month they were GONE!!! I now have an auto subscription and it is worth every penny. ... A true game changer and definitely a confidence booster!!

Young H., Relizen customer
Ristela and Revaree

I had vaginal atrophy, having had a total hysterectomy over 30 years ago I thought I would never be able to have sex again. Thank God these products have been life changing for me. I feel like a new woman.

San, Revaree + Ristela customer
Great Product, Great Service

Life changing! This works exactly as advertised. I, and my husband, are very happy! A bonus was to find out that their customer service is excellent as well! Win, Win!

Gabby, Revaree customer
Love it.

It had been many years since I had any interest in sex, so as the saying goes “use it or lose it”;. I was just not interested. THEN I found Bonafide and decided to just try two of the products, Revaree and Ristela. All I can say is WOW! Life changing for me, and for my husband. I am SO happy I found Bonafide. Now I chase my hubs around the house in attack mode and he loves it. I’m afraid I’l wear him out ;) Thank you Bonafide.

Jeanie, Revaree + Ristela customer

This is absolutely life changing for me. I am in my 60’s and sex was getting so uncomfortable. I gave up hormones years ago and to say our bodies change as we age is an understatement. Thank you thank you for making this product!

Katei, Revaree customer

Revaree has been life changing for me.....it is simply amazing! Thank you!!

Robyn B, Revaree customer
Awesome Product!

I do not write reviews, however, this product warrants one. Simple, easy to use. Seriously, life changing. Gave my husband and I that “special time” back that had been missing for a very long time. I feel sexy again. Thank you to Revaree!

Jodi, Revaree customer

Revaree is life changing! I highly recommend.

Donna, Revaree customer
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Bonafide products help women embrace the natural changes that occur throughout all phases of life. I am a huge fan of these safe, effective and hormone-free choices for my patients.”

— Dr. Alyssa Dweck, MS MD FACOG, Bonafide Chief Medical Officer