What is Revaree?

Revaree, made from hyaluronic acid, is a hormone-free treatment for the symptoms of vaginal atrophy such as dryness, itching and dyspareunia, formulated in an easy-to-use vaginal insert.²

The main ingredient in Revaree, hyaluronic acid, works by hydrating the vaginal mucosa, helping it regain elasticity and softness.¹ Vaginal atrophy affects many women, yet only a small percentage seek treatment. Improve your patients' vaginal health and quality of life with Revaree, your hormone-free solution for the treatment of vaginal atrophy.

Proven Effective

In a randomized, controlled, clinical trial evaluating 133 post-menopausal women, the active ingredient in Revaree, hyaluronic acid, was effective in relieving dryness at 9 days and 30 days.²

Safe & Well Tolerated

Revaree is an FDA cleared medical device and associated with no serious side effects. A version of the vaginal insert has been used by over one million women across Europe and Canada.⁴ It has also garnered a high level of patient satisfaction, with 92% compliance in an open, non-controlled clinical trial, and 95% satisfaction in a prospective, observational study.⁵,

Revaree is not a contraceptive and is not compatible with condoms.


Revaree eliminates the need for messy creams, dose measurements and applicators. Revaree comes in premeasured vaginal inserts for simple application and is administered directly into the vagina once every 2-3 days based on severity of symptoms.

As the vaginal tissue absorbs the hyaluronic acid, treatment begins working in as early as 9 days with continued improvement over time.²

Revaree can be used as frequently as needed depending on the evolution of symptoms and your recommendation.