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This 1-Step “Odor Trick” Reduces Vaginal Odor

There’s a groundbreaking method that can relieve vaginal odor in one simple step.

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The reason this technique works is because it quickly restores a healthy vaginal microbiome – helping to replace “bad bacteria” with “good bacteria,” which naturally clears up odor, itching, and discharge.*

If you’ve ever tried expensive or invasive products to help with odor, but you haven’t seen the results you were hoping for, please pay attention...

Not only can this simple trick help reduce odor, it’s also been clinically studied to help clear up itching, discharge, and discomfort.*

The best part? It takes less than 27 seconds per day.

So how does it work? And what’s the science behind this trick that thousands of women are already using to dramatically reduce odor and improve their overall vaginal health?

Maybe you’ve heard the term “bacteria microbiome” in the health community over the last few years.

That’s because more and more doctors are beginning to understand that so many symptoms – like odor, itching, discomfort, and discharge – are all related to the balance of “good bacteria” and “bad bacteria” in the body.

You see, there are trillions of bacteria that live in your body – in your gut, digestive system, skin, vagina, and elsewhere.

And these bacteria are responsible for breaking down nutrients, cleansing the body, controlling hormones, and even your mood!

Most of these bacteria are natural, “good” bacteria that help your body function properly.

But some of them are harmful, “bad” bacteria, which can cause all sorts of issues, including vaginal odor and discomfort.

The good news is, by adding more good bacteria to overtake the bad bacteria, it can lead to a dramatic reversal.

These healthy bacteria are the basis for this new 1-step “odor fix” that thousands of women are already using to restore their vaginal microbiome, improving their health and relieving uncomfortable odor naturally.

The “secret weapon” is a certain type of probiotics, containing billions of good bacteria. When these bacteria enter the body and get to work, the results are astounding.

Of course, not all probiotics are created equal. That’s why it’s important to find the right strains in the right doses, the strains that can specifically help vaginal health and eliminate odor.

Now, you may be asking yourself, which probiotics should I trust? It’s true, there are a lot of options out there, online and in store shelves.

But the unfortunate truth is that most of these probiotics just aren’t good enough. They often contain very few strains of good bacteria, and many times they don’t even include the specific types that can help the most.

We looked at countless different probiotics for women, searching for the best option that could quickly and safely reduce vaginal odor with no reported negative side effects.

The winner was clear – Clairvee from Bonafide. And the reason why is simple… because it actually works.

Science-Backed For Real Results


Women experienced less odor after 1 month of Clairvee.


Women had no itching or discharge after 4 months of Clairvee.


Women report that they’d choose Clairvee over other leading OTC products for itching, odor, and discharge.

Results from an open label clinical study

Russo R, Karadja E, De Seta F. Beneficial Microbes.2019;10(1): 19-26.

The reason it works is because it has powerful natural ingredients and probiotic strains like:

L. acidophilus – the most well-researched strain when it comes to vaginal health, it                       naturally restores a healthy microbiome and helps eliminate odor-causing bacteria*

L. acidophilus – the most well-                         researched strain when it comes to               vaginal health, it naturally restores a             healthy microbiome and helps
     eliminate odor-causing bacteria

L. rhamnosus – helps kill bacteria and  yeast in the vagina*

L. rhamnosus – helps kill bacteria and             yeast in the vagina

Lactoferin – helps strengthen beneficial  bacteria in the vaginal microbiome*

Lactoferin – helps strengthen beneficial         bacteria in the vaginal microbiome

Folate – helps reduce risk of vaginal  health issues related to bad bacteria*

Folate – helps reduce risk of vaginal
     health issues related to bad bacteria

And the best part is, this simple 1-step technique contains all these probiotic strains in one easy capsule anyone can take right at home.

*Mei Z, Li D. The role of probiotics in vaginal health. Front Cell Infect Microbiol. 2022;12:963868. Published 2022 Jul 28. doi:10.3389/fcimb.2022.963868

Personal Supply of Clairvee

We’ve gone ahead and included the link in this article, so anyone reading this who needs an easy, naturally effective solution to vaginal odor can get the supply they need.

But we didn’t just take their word for it… we reached out to hundreds of real users of this new odor reducing method to hear their personal success stories. And we were blown away by the number of people who had completely transformed their vaginal health and their love lives simply with one simple probiotic. Just listen to these real success stories from Bonafide Clairvee users…

Driven by the overwhelming positive results, the team behind this discovery decided to make a a limited time discount to Bonafide Clairvee available to anyone who needs it through a special private link.

However, the discount won’t last forever, so the link could be taken down at any moment.

We can safely say that this simple, natural probiotic offers the quickest and easiest way to reduce vaginal odor, right from the comfort of home.

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Bia B.

It really works

This product really works i was having vaginal odor and nothing seemed to work on the first 15 days i started feeling the difference i can swear by this product

Yes, I recommend this product.


Thoroughly satisfied!

I was a bit skeptical when my Dr. suggested I start taking Clairvee. I am happy to say she was right! Clairvee has been a game changer for me for over a year now. Love it!

Yes, I recommend this product.


I'm very pleased with the packaging. And looking forward to using my new product, it really sounds promising.

Yes, I recommend this product.


One of the best products I have ever purchased. It has made such a difference in keeping my hormones in check.

Yes, I recommend this product.

Tira C.

Gets the job done and

Gets the job done and results are almost instantly.

Yes, I recommend this product.

Michele B.

Very satisfied!! Been taking it

Very satisfied!! Been taking it for 2 years now!

Yes, I recommend this product.

Tiffany T.

My discharge has significantly improved due to this medication. It has been instrumental in allowing me to feel more confident! I am so glad that my gynecologist recommended this medication! My comfort level has significantly increased and I don’t mind taking it either!

Yes, I recommend this product.

Trecia S.

Love it.

Have been using for a few years now at the recommendation of my GYN and I wholeheartedly believe that it helps me stay balanced.

Yes, I recommend this product.


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