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Revaree® Plus vs. Revaree®: What Are the Differences?

Lauren Katulka

Vaginal dryness can be one of the more uncomfortable symptoms experienced during perimenopause and menopause.1 Not only can it make everyday tasks and sexual activity uncomfortable, but it can also negatively impact libido and put a potential strain on your relationships.2 Studies show, that between a third and a half of women experience vaginal dryness during perimenopause and menopause, however, because it's such a sensitive subject, many women may not report their symptoms, so these actual numbers could be even higher.3

Management Options for Vaginal Dryness

As vaginal dryness tends to persist throughout menopause and beyond, many women often consider exploring symptom management options to help them feel more like themselves again.4 While there are prescription options available, such as topical estrogen, some women either cannot or would prefer not to use anything with hormones to manage their symptoms. That’s why more than 8,000 healthcare providers and thousands of women have trusted Bonafide’s Revaree; a powerful, hormone-free management option for vaginal dryness and its associated symptoms of burning, irritation and painful sex.5

Introducing Revaree® Plus

Although many women have experienced effective relief with Revaree, Bonafide is dedicated to consistently researching and uncovering additional advancements for our symptom management solutions. This is why we are excited to launch Revaree Plus, an extra strength solution for relief from vaginal dryness, its associated symptoms and pain during intimacy.

Curious about Revaree Plus’ benefits? Keep reading. Here we dive into the differences between original Revaree and Revaree Plus.

Interested in a brief video comparison instead? Check out what Bonafide Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Alyssa Dweck, has to say about Revaree vs. Revaree Plus, below:

What Symptoms Can These Hormone-free Vaginal Inserts Help With?

Revaree was originally created to help women manage a variety of symptoms associated with vaginal dryness, including vaginal itching, burning, and discomfort during sex.6 Revaree Plus has been added to Bonafide’s portfolio of products and serves as an extra-strength formula for severe cases of vaginal dryness that can often bring on more intense and persistent itching, burning sensations, and painful sex.7

What Are Their Key Ingredients?

Original Revaree’s active ingredient is 5mg of hyaluronic acid, a molecule that has been clinically shown to help dry, atrophied, vaginal tissue retain moisture, enabling it to become stronger and more elastic. Studies show that hyaluronic acid can attract and retain up to 1,000 times its weight in water8, which is why it’s likely so effective for managing vaginal dryness and its associated symptoms.

Revaree Plus, on the other hand, contains 10mg of hyaluronic acid , which is twice as much as original Revaree.9 It’s also enhanced with sweet almond oil, an ingredient that has been shown to help relieve dry skin.10 It’s hypothesized that sweet almond oil can aid with soothing and moisturizing, and is generally safe for those who have more sensitive skin.11

How Effective Are Revaree and Revaree Plus for Vaginal Dryness Relief?

Clinical trials of Revaree have shown that women experienced an 84% improvement in vaginal dryness, as well as an 86% reduction in vaginal itching and burning and a 57% reduction in painful sex.12

Revaree Plus has been shown to be very effective for some women as well. In a separate clinical study, 100% of participants noted they experienced less vaginal dryness; with 98% reporting less irritation, and 87% stating they experienced less pain.13

How Do I Use These Products?

Revaree and Revaree Plus are both vaginal suppositories that are designed to be applicator-free. To insert either of these products, we recommend using a finger to place the suppository inside the vagina, as high as it will comfortably go. For best results, we recommend inserting these products before lying down for bed, every two or three days, depending on the severity of your symptoms.

Are There Any Side Effects?

Be sure to avoid Revaree or Revaree Plus if you have a known sensitivity to their ingredients. It’s important to note that people rarely experience adverse effects or reactions when using hyaluronic acid, since it’s naturally occurring in the body.14 Additionally, and out of an abundance of caution, those with a nut allergy might consider using Revaree as an alternative option to Revaree Plus due to the presence of sweet almond oil in the latter.

As a reminder, Bonafide’s products are designed without hormones, GMOs, endocrine disrupting chemicals, such as parabens, or many common allergens, including soy, and gluten.15 We do always recommend checking in with your healthcare provider prior to using a new product just as a precaution, and as they know your medical history best. 

Where to Buy Revaree and Revaree Plus

Revaree Plus and original Revaree are both available for purchase through the Bonafide website. Buying directly from Bonafide enables you to choose a single box purchase option or you can choose to invest in one of our subscription purchase options. The original formula of Revaree starts at $43 a month or $63 for a single box, while Revaree Plus starts at $47 a month or $65 for a single box.16

Choosing the Right Solution: Revaree vs. Revaree Plus

As many as 90% of women may never seek help for managing vaginal dryness or its related symptoms, 17 but you don't need to be one of them.  If you’re just starting to experience vaginal dryness, Revaree may be your initial go-to solution. It's effective, affordable, and safe for the majority of women. If you're finding that you’re dealing with severe vaginal dryness and also have more sensitive skin, Revaree Plus may be the better option for you. And remember, your healthcare provider can always help in guiding you to the best option for your needs.


  12. Chen J, et al. J Sex Med. 2013;10:1575-1584
  13. A clinical survey study of 168 women on Revaree Plus. Data represent the percentage who had symptom improvement, among those who had the symptom present at baseline. Most women (99%) used Revaree Plus 1x/day. The duration of treatment varied, ranging from <3 to >30 days

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