This Effortless 1-Step
Anti Dryness Trick
Saved My 9-Year Relationship
(And My Sex Life)

LOS ANGELES, CA -- When a local kindergarten teacher discovered this “anti-dryness” trick, she told friends, “It literally saved my marriage.”

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In fact, thousands of women all over the world are learning about this effortless 1-step trick to fix dryness and make sex more pleasurable -- and it’s been going viral ever since the public discovered the life-changing results for themselves…

Countless success stories have been pouring in from couples who used this technique to bring renewed spice back to their relationship, and also from singles who report enjoying their sex lives more than ever.

So of course, we had to reach out and get to the bottom of the secret to fix vaginal dryness and say goodbye to dry, painful sex once and for all…

We were surprised to learn the truth, but more importantly, we were impressed by the difference when we put it to the test.

So what is this “Anti-Dryness Trick” that’s going viral? And why is it changing the way that OB-GYN experts think about vaginal health and intercourse?

To understand how it works, it’s important first to know the real root cause of vaginal dryness…

What Causes Dry, Painful Sex?

The truth is, it isn’t “normal” to have dry, painful sex. But the unfortunate reality is that many women experience vaginal dryness, regardless of their age. Of course, as we get older, there’s a higher chance of experiencing vaginal dryness, and it can happen at any time -- often at the worst possible moments.

Even for younger women, the body’s estrogen levels can rise and fall unpredictably, which can make anyone more prone to vaginal dryness.

The closer we get to menopause, estrogen levels naturally go down, which affects vaginal health in multiple ways -- less blood flow, thinner tissues and membranes, and not as much natural moisture production -- all of which can add up to make sex more painful for women.

It’s a problem almost all women deal with, but almost no one talks about it.

Think about it… when’s the last time you had a conversation with a friend about how their vagina feels dry during sex? It’s a topic that’s considered taboo to discuss, and so it’s become a “silent plague” affecting millions of women. Until recently, almost no research was being done on this issue because it simply wasn’t talked about.

The truth is, up to 90% of women after menopause have this problem -- not to mention up to 50% of women beforehand.

Just listen to these success stories from real women who have tried this incredible method to fix vaginal dryness once and for all…

What is Revaree, and How Does It Work?

Revaree is a “super insert” that was created to fix the problem of vaginal dryness and uncomfortable sex.

We caught up with Dr. Alyssa Dweck, a vaginal health expert and Chief Medical Officer at Bonafide, the makers of Revaree, to ask her about how it works, how anyone can try it at home, and why she believes the benefits of this “super insert” are about to change the women’s health community forever…

What makes the Revaree insert so promising for women looking for lasting relief from vaginal dryness?

“More than 50% of women will experience vaginal dryness due to hormone changes, including and most notably during menopause. In fact, vaginal dryness is chronic and progressive, so proactive and ongoing management is recommended. Revaree is a non-hormonal vaginal insert which provides moisture and comfort during intimacy when used regularly.”

And what are the results? Why are so many women commenting online about how life-changing this technique has been for them and their sex lives?

“Revaree offers an incredibly effective over the counter option for the many women experiencing symptoms of vaginal dryness. It contains the highest dose of hyaluronic acid available in a vaginal insert with no hormones and the easy to use insert is often preferred by those who want to avoid a messy cream or gel. A recent clinical study comparing Revaree with vaginal estradiol cream, showed equal effectiveness and tolerability between the two options.”

In fact, here are some of the numbers when it comes to the science behind Revaree. Women are reporting:


Women experienced an 84% improvement in vaginal dryness.


Women experienced an 86% reduction in vaginal itching and burning.


Women experienced a 57% reduction in painful sex.

And over 7,325 doctors are recommending it to patients to provide lasting relief from vaginal dryness.

When using Revaree regularly, the vast majority of women saw their vaginal moisture improve significantly. Basically, using Revaree created a healing environment that produces and retains moisture in the vaginal lining. That means thin, dry, damaged tissues are restored -- so no more painful sex, torn vaginal issue, itching, or irritation. And the best part about Revaree is it’s non-hormonal.

The reason why we’re so excited about this breakthrough is there are also no painful vaginal applicators. This ensures an easy-to-use precise, perfect dose of hyaluronic moisturizer -- so women can go about their day and enjoy sexual activity with no stress.

Personal Supply of Revaree

We’ve gone ahead and included a link in this article, so anyone reading this who needs relief from vaginal dryness can get the solution they need

We can safely say that this simple yet powerful insert offers the quickest and easiest way to get lasting relief from vaginal dryness, without any stress.

What’s the difference between Revaree and other vaginal suppositories?

Revaree actually treats the underlying issue, which is the thinning of the vaginal lining. That’s why this groundbreaking “super insert” is so impressive. It’s designed specifically to:

→ Be mess-free and stress-free due to its  groundbreaking “applicator-free”  design

→ Be mess-free and stress-free due to its          groundbreaking “applicator-free”                  design

→ Restore and rejuvenate vaginal tissue on  the cellular level

→ Restore and rejuvenate vaginal tissue
     on the cellular level

→ Promote the body’s own moisture production

→ Promote the body’s own moisture                   production

→ Use powerful ingredients with no harsh side effects

→ Use powerful ingredients with no harsh       side effects

Frequently Asked Questions

What Our Customers Are Saying


Revaree is a great product for women of all ages if you suffer from vaginal dryness. I told my gynecologist about it on my last visit and she was aware of it because she has recommended it to her other patients. I’m so glad I discovered it on my own on a u-tube video. It’s has solved my issue and I will continue to use it.

Yes, I recommend this product.


works great. I always feel

works great. I always feel more comfortable after I have used Revaree

Yes, I recommend this product.

Jan D.

Works well if you’re faithful

Works well if you’re faithful to the schedule. It’s not a perfect solution but sex hurts less w Revaree.

Yes, I recommend this product.


Game changer!!!

This is the BEST product! After menopause sex became extremely painful. I tried estrogen cream but had terrible side effects, then tried several over the counter products without success. I had all but given up when I heard about Bonafide. This product is a total game changer and worth every penny!!! Thank you

Yes, I recommend this product.



I am a Reveree and Ristela customer. Reveree has made a positive difference in my life for nearly 6 years. Don’t care if it’s never covered by insurance. Forever customer here

Yes, I recommend this product.

Loriana R.

It really works!

It really works!

Yes, I recommend this product.


Easy to insert, lubricates vaginal

Easy to insert, lubricates vaginal tissue well with no discomfort and lasts several days after insertion.

Yes, I recommend this product.

sherry h.

Silky smooth 5 stars from me

I have only just started using this and after two applications it’s definitely worth it!! I actually prefer no applicator so it’s super easy to use in my opinion.. I feel instant results. No mess, no leaking for me, everything just feels silky smooth!

Yes, I recommend this product.


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