Clairvee 3 Packs
Clairvee 3 Packs
Clairvee 3 Packs
Clairvee 3 Packs
Clairvee 3 Packs
Clairvee 3 Packs
Clairvee 3 Packs
Clairvee 3 Packs
Clairvee 3 Packs
Clairvee 3 Packs

Clairvee 3 Packs New

Balance for your vaginal microbiome
1 month supply (15 capsules)

Clairvee™ provides powerful, hormone-free relief of vaginal itching and discharge associated with hormonal fluctuations.* Hormonal fluctuations occur during menopause and around the time of your period and can cause an imbalance in your vaginal microbiome, leading to symptoms like odor, irritation and discomfort.

  • Promotes vaginal health for everyday comfort and confidence*
  • Maintains a healthy vaginal pH*
  • Supports the vagina’s natural defense system*


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    $35/mo $105/mo
    Best value

    Take control of your
    vaginal microbiome

    Targets the primary cause, not just the symptoms.

    Live active probiotic strains specific for your vaginal flora.

    Renews balance in only 15 days and provides month-long protection.

    Specifically formulated, real results

    Clairvee has been rigorously researched and shown to balance the vaginal microbiome, keeping you comfortable and confident month after month. *²

    88% of women remained free of vaginal discharge after taking Clairvee for 4 months . ²

    88% of women remained free of vaginal itching after taking Clairvee for 4 months . ²

    83% of women maintained a balanced vaginal microbiome after taking Clairvee for 6 months. ²

    ²  Russo R, Karadja E, De Seta F. Beneficial Microbes.2019;10(1): 19-26.

    Great for women who:

    Are experiencing hormonal fluctuations due to perimenopause and menopause.

    Frequently experience vaginal discomfort, itching, or discharge.

    Are frustrated, uncomfortable, or self-conscious about their vaginal health.

    Want a long-term approach to prevent vaginal imbalance and maintain good vaginal health.

    Often use antibiotics or other over-the-counter products that can disrupt the vaginal microbiome.
    Clairvee is not intended to replace antibiotics or antifungals to treat a vaginal infection.

    Regularly use vaginal washes, douches, or wipes for vaginal odor.

    Want to add the benefits of Clairvee to a treatment for vaginal dryness, such as Revaree®.

    What to expect

    1. 1/2
      Day 15

      Clairvee probiotic blend begins to colonize in the vagina, balancing its microbiome and returning vaginal pH to a healthy level.* ¹

    2. 1
      Month 1

      By now, Clairvee has restored and balanced the vaginal microbiome, as shown in clinical studies.* A balanced vaginal microbiome can help alleviate issues like odor, itch and discharge. ¹ ² ³

    3. 3
      Month 3 & 4

      Clairvee continues to maintain a balanced vaginal microbiome month after month. Maintaining a healthy microbiome supports the vagina’s natural defense system and prevents issues like odor, itch and discharge from occurring.* ² ³

    4. 6
      Month 6

      Everyday factors like sex, periods, diet, stress, underwear fabrics and hot weather can disrupt the vaginal microbiome. Unlike douches and washes, which can worsen symptoms over time, Clairvee maintains long-term balance when used monthly.* ² ³

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