Alternative Ways to Beat the Heat of Hot Flashes

Alternative Ways to Beat the Heat of Hot Flashes

There is only one thing worse than having hot flashes, and that’s having hot flashes in warm or hot weather. The silver lining? Everyone is running a bit warmer this time of year so no one will know whether the sweat pouring down your face is from heat, humidity, or hormones. Hot flashes are no fun whenever they happen, but feeling like you’re about to go up in flames when still warm outside is like living in Dante’s Inferno. So what can you do to beat the heat? Here are a few tips to help you keep your cool:
Don’t Sweat It: It’s a natural reaction to start to panic when you feel those drops of sweat start to bead—especially since it seems to always happen at the most inopportune moments. But the more anxious you become, the worse it’s going to feel, so try taking some deep, centering breaths to calm your mind and body and wait for it to pass.
Stay Cool: You can’t control the temperature outside, but you can take steps to keep your internal temp regulated.  Avoid spicy foods, and go easy on the alcohol as these can trigger a flash. And make sure to drink plenty of water!
Layer Up: While it may seem counterintuitive to dress in layers when it’s hot outside, you want to be prepared for anything from the office air conditioning to the sun’s rays, to the unexpected hot flash.  Lightweight cardigans are an excellent choice as they are quick and easy to remove.
Stay Inside: Create your own private igloo in your home. Keep your A/C and fans on, and close your curtains and shutters to keep your home nice and cool. Use thin sheets and blankets to avoid night sweats, and consider buying your own personal fan to keep on your nightstand to help combat night sweats.
Take a Cold Shower: While it may be tempting to relax in a warm bath before bed, think again. Revving your body temperature up before bed can lead to night sweats. Try a cool shower instead.
Finally, have a sense of humor.  Laughter not only gives you an internal workout, but the endorphins that are produced when you laugh can help reduce the stress you may feel about the whole situation.  You are not the only woman to ever suffer through a summer hot flash and, although inconvenient, it’s nothing to be embarrassed about.  Laugh it off, let it go, and trust that there are cooler days ahead.
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I also recommend dressing in natural fibers as much as possible… sure, linen and cotton wrinkle, but they also BREATHE and cool your body as they dry off. Synthetics only make EVERYTHING worse.
Also, try visualizations… while you stop to breathe and center yourself, imagine cool waterfalls in a forest, shady groves alongside the lake, an oasis of trees at beachside near the ocean, etc

Sheri Levine

Thanks for the insight, I will definitely try these out . Anything is worth trying. Keep them coming please


I really appreciate your blogs. Information is key to survival. Thank You.😊

Zina McKenzie

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