Ask Our Experts: Episode 2

Ask Our Experts: Episode 2

Unlike the menopausal symptoms of hot flashes and night sweats, which will eventually decrease and cease over time, vaginal changes due to diminished estrogen production during menopause are chronic and progressive, specifically if they are left untreated. 

The medical term for these uncomfortable vaginal symptoms is vaginal atrophy. Scary sounding, we know, but there are ways to address vaginal atrophy and associated symptoms of dryness, irritation, burning and painful sex so that you can regain everyday comfort. Learn more about your options in our quick video blog, featuring Bonafide Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Alyssa Dweck, below. 

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That was super helpful! THANK YOU


Very helpful after having a total hysterectomy things totally changed and the pain is unbearable plus I had endometriosis… I will start to use the Revareer and see … I hope it works


Thanks, I’ll try extra lubrication.

Susan Kane

One thing that I would like to add to Dr. Dweck’s great comments is another treatment for severe vaginal atrophy known as pelvic floor or vaginal physical therapy. I am a 63 year old woman who is grateful for Bonafide’s Reveree product and have also been helped learning female pelvic floor/vaginal stretching via a specialized Physical Therapist. My previous Gynecologist recommended it for me years ago and the combination of Reveree and the P.T. have been a life changer for me and my husband’s sexual life.

Margaret Smith

Thank you for addressing this issue

Regina Morris

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