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Don’t Pause Your Life for Menopause… And Other Rules About Aging You Can Ignore

Mallory Junggren

Written by Mallory Junggren

Mallory Junggren

Written by Mallory Junggren

Every year you joke that you’ve gotten old—and every year you’re wrong. We tend to think of life in stages because it helps us process the vastness that is our time on this thing called Earth. But trying to define the way we will or won’t behave during each decade of our lives can be quite limiting, and frankly inaccurate.

We know all the patronizing figures of speech: “over the hill” … “past her prime”… “no spring chicken.” Who exactly are we referring to when we say these things? Because all the women we know are still living their lives fabulously, every day.

The way we feel about getting older is evolving and along with it, our feelings about menopause. It’s no longer the end of all things sexy that it once seemed to be, but instead a new way of being. 

In fact, we’d venture to say that life gets sexier after menopause. The kids are gone, the chaos has settled, and suddenly, the moment seems ripe for reinventing oneself. The overall perception of menopause is transforming: it’s now more of a first step into a new beginning. We’re living longer, better, and beyond conventional ideas of what sexy looks and feels like, so it’s about time we put taboos about sex and senior-hood to rest. 

We don’t suddenly stop living and enjoying ourselves after menopause. We don’t stop laughing, we don’t stop loving, and we surely don’t stop having (or at least wanting to have) great sex. Seriously—ask your girlfriends; I doubt a single one of them would turn down an orgasm if given the opportunity.

There seems to be this idea that the end of a woman’s ability to procreate also heralds the end of our sexual vitality. And that’s fine, except that sex is not just for procreation. If it were, we’d spend a lot less time doing it, singing about it, writing about it, and thinking about it.

The truth is, your orgasms belong to you—not your husband or your partner. The enjoyment of sex should truly be just for you. In fact, it’s one of the most personal joys of life. It excites, connects, motivates, teaches, and soothes us in ways we can only experience for ourselves. Reveling in it is every bit as ageless as enjoying a great glass of wine, a relaxing massage, or indulging in a creamy crème brulée all to yourself.

We’re living in a remarkable time to be a woman. We’ve never been more willing and able to write the rules of our own lives. And from this newfound freedom to define age, menopause, sex, and identity for ourselves, companies have followed suit with products that are helping us to do so.

As demonstrated in a recent New York Times article, there’s an entire emerging industry dedicated to meeting the very real needs and wants of today’s pre- and post-menopausal women. That includes products that proudly cater to things like hot flashes, vaginal dryness, hair thinning and restoration, and decreased sexual desire—symptoms that we as a society once swept under the rug, until now. And unlike products of the past, some brands are even offering solutions without using hormones or phytoestrogens, which can potentially come with serious side effects. As a matter of fact, our very own Ristela™ was mentioned in the article! The ingredients in Ristela have been shown to increase blood flow, arousal, orgasm, and satisfaction without any hormones or prescriptions.* So you definitely have options!

The way we see it, there’s never been a better time to be a woman. We’re busting down stereotypes and speaking up about the things we need and want out of life. So in case nobody’s told you yet: you’re amazing no matter how hot your flashes, happiness is something you’re entitled to, and there’s no reason to pause your life for menopause anymore. Permission granted to age fabulously.


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