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The Pros of Probiotics

Bonny Osterhage

Written by Bonny Osterhage

Bonny Osterhage

Written by Bonny Osterhage

At a time when we are wearing masks, practicing social distancing and going through gallons of hand sanitizer a week, it might sound strange to hear that not all bacteria is bad. In fact, you actually need “good” bacteria in your body to keep it functioning at its best. No, we aren’t suggesting that you stop washing your hands... we are talking about adding more good bacteria, better known as probiotics, into your diet.

What is a Probiotic?

In a nutshell a probiotic is good bacteria our bodies need to function. While that may sound like an oxymoron, we actually have both good and bad bacteria living in (and on) our bodies. When bad bacteria get out of control, our bodies can become imbalanced, making us more susceptible to getting sick or causing issues with our normal digestion. Probiotics work to help counteract this overgrowth of bad bacteria, and in-turn help support our immune systems and keep our digestion regular and smooth. To summarize, they help to keep your body balanced.

Why Are Probiotics Important As I Age?

Estrogen and progesterone decline during menopause and unfortunately, many of us will experience changes in our digestion as a result. Digestive symptoms such as bloating, constipation, and acid reflux are all very common complaints that can often be directly associated with hormonal changes. Investing in a quality probiotic may help manage some of these problems, while helping to support digestion as well as a healthy immune system.

Where Do I Find Probiotics?

The good news is that our bodies naturally produce and house these “friendly” bacteria, however you can easily up the ante to boost your healthy bacteria counts through changes in your diet, with additions such as yogurt, kefir, kombucha, or other fermented foods. If you can’t find an option that tickles your taste buds, or if yogurt just isn’t your thing, dietary supplements are another easy way to get more probiotics into your daily diet. Choosing a quality probiotic, such as Bonafide’s Essential Gut Probiotic, is a simple way to help support your digestion and immunity.*

Remember, life is all about balance. That includes both diet and lifestyle. Taking care of yourself from the inside out can help you strike the right balance for a happy, healthy and more comfortable life.


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Today, February 1st will be my first time using Bonafide products. It’s so funny that after menopause each year l get my annual pap. The Dr. say your Virgina is healthy. Told the Dr. But, the sex is so painful. The only suggestion l got was check with pharmacy they have so many lubricants for the today’s woman. Tried so many and now I’m at that give up point. Bonafide is my STOP.

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