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Revaree®, A Hormone-Free Treatment for Vaginal Dryness

Alex Fulton

Written by Alex Fulton

Medically reviewed by Alyssa Dweck MS, MD, FACOG, Chief Medical Officer

Alex Fulton

Written by Alex Fulton

Medically reviewed by Alyssa Dweck MS, MD, FACOG, Chief Medical Officer

Vaginal dryness is uncomfortable — both physically, because it causes symptoms such as burning, pain with sex and irritation, and emotionally because it can affect our self-esteem and relationships. It’s also incredibly common; around 17% of women aged 18-50 report dealing with vaginal dryness, and that number jumps to about 50% in women who are postmenopausal.1 These numbers, however, are likely higher, as it’s not uncommon for women to not report symptoms of dryness to their healthcare providers.

Because this symptom affects so many women at some point in their lives, developing an effective, hormone-free vaginal dryness treatment was a priority for Bonafide® from the beginning. That’s why we launched Revaree, a hyaluronic acid-based vaginal suppository intended to support your body's natural lubrication and treat vaginal dryness and its symptoms. Some women who have used Revaree have claimed it’s the best treatment for vaginal dryness out there – here we dive into more specifics about the product, how it works, and some customer reviews.

Why is Vaginal Dryness So Common During Menopause?

Loss of estrogen during the menopausal transition affects vaginal tissue on a cellular level, explains Bonafide Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Alyssa Dweck, causing far more than just dryness.

“Vaginal dryness is an all-encompassing term that we use to mean so many things,” Dr. Dweck says. “In medical lingo, we call it genitourinary syndrome of menopause, which is a fancy term that encompasses many genital symptoms due to diminished estrogen during menopause including dryness, itching, irritation, dischargepainful sex, sensitivity, urinary or bladder complaints… the list goes on and on.”2

Vaginal tissue becomes very delicate as estrogen levels decrease, Dr. Dweck continues to explain, making it more vulnerable to damage. “There's much more potential for microabrasions to the vulva and vaginal tissue,” Dr. Dweck says.

“The vagina itself actually shrinks in menopause,” she advises. “The opening (considered part of the vulva) shrinks, and the length and width of the vagina canal also can shrink. And the elasticity changes, so it becomes much less pliable.”

Dr. Dweck adds that menopause isn’t the only time when lower estrogen levels can cause vaginal dryness. Women who are breastfeeding, taking certain medications or undergoing certain cancer treatments are among those who may experience vaginal dryness.3

What is Revaree, and Why Is It an Effective Treatment for Vaginal Dryness?

Revaree is a hormone-free, vaginal dryness treatment that provides relief from vaginal dryness and its associated symptoms. The key ingredient is hyaluronic acid, a substance naturally produced by the body that binds water to moisturize and works to rejuvenate tissue.

But it’s not just any hyaluronic acid in Revaree, explains Bonafide Chief Science Officer, Jim Komorowski.

“This form of hyaluronic acid is slightly smaller in size compared to regular hyaluronic acid, which means it can get deeper into tissues to work even better,” Komorowski says. “And sodium salt is more stable, so it's less likely to get oxidized or degraded.”4

Another key feature that sets Revaree apart from other vaginal moisturizers is the way it’s administered, explains Dr. Dweck. “One of the beauties of Revaree is that it’s a vaginal insert. And many, many women really prefer this route of administration, because it isn’t messy like a cream or gel. It doesn't require an applicator, which is preferable for lots of people.”

Dr. Dweck adds that the insert contains a small amount of semi-synthetic glycerides that help it maintain its shape in transit. Two things about this ingredient that are important to note: it is not the same as propylene glycol,5 and it’s not compatible with condoms.

Hear more about Revaree from Dr. Alyssa Dweck, below:

As far as usage, “the standard recommendation is to insert Revaree into the vagina every two to three days,” Dr. Dweck says. She suggests that women lie down and allow for 20 to 30 minutes for the insert to dissolve. Symptoms may begin to improve in as little as nine days and will continue to get better with continued use.6

The Science Behind Revaree for Vaginal Dryness Treatment

Prior to launching Revaree, extensive clinical research was conducted on the formulation, along with usage studies that include thousands of women, and the results have been consistently outstanding. “We're seeing over 80% of the women finding benefits [with Revaree],” Komorowski says. “In one clinical study, 84% of women saw improvement in vaginal dryness, and 86% experienced reduction in vaginal itching and burning.”6

Komorowski adds that in addition to being an effective vaginal dryness treatment, Revaree has been thoroughly studied for safety. In clinical studies, no serious adverse events were reported alongside use. And although Revaree is not a drug and is therefore not eligible for FDA approval, it is cleared by the FDA as a Class II Medical Device. "The product itself is manufactured at an FDA registered facility in Italy," Komorowski says. He adds that the facility manufactures Revaree according to strict FDA guidelines in order to ensure the highest levels of product safety and quality.

Is There Anyone Who Shouldn’t Use Revaree for the Treatment of Vaginal Dryness?

Dr. Dweck shares that Revaree can be helpful for most every woman experiencing vaginal dryness, whether it’s related to menopause or other causes. Even those who are taking systemic hormone replacement therapy (HRT), also called menopausal hormone therapy (MHT), may experience additional benefits when they add Revaree to their care plan.

“My response when people ask who would be helped by Revaree is, who wouldn’t be helped by Revaree,” Dr. Dweck says.

She does note, however, that there’s always a chance, as there is with any product, that you may be sensitive to its ingredients, and advises women to keep that in mind when using Revaree for the first time. It’s also a good idea to check in with your healthcare provider before starting use, just as a precaution and as they know your medical history best.

You can also learn about Revaree Plus, our updated formulation of Revaree with double the hyaluronic acid, here:

Are There Customer Reviews for Revaree?

Over the years, many women have had and shared their success with Revaree, specifically in their journey toward easing vaginal dryness and its associated symptoms of burning, irritation, itching and painful sex. Some even consider it to be the best vaginal dryness treatment for managing symptoms. You can check out some of our Revaree customer reviews below, with all reviews available directly on our Revaree product page.

A Review from Stacy S.

OMG! So good

I used the product for the first time two days ago and seriously - what an amazing feeling and change from how I usually feel. Obviously, I am aware that I have been experiencing some negative effects of dryness/itching (or I wouldn't have purchased the product) but I had no idea just how uncomfortable I was feeling until I popped in a Revaree! I feel lubricated, calm and comfortable and ready for action. I was so excited I wanted to use it yesterday but forced myself to wait until today as the suggested use is every 2-3 days for the first couple of weeks. Great product - thank you for offering relief for menopausal women.

A Review from Carole R.

A Real Miracle

Menopause brought on low estrogen and all the problems that go with it including vaginal atrophy. Loss of tone, loss of natural moisture and thin skin that tears very easily making relations impossible. I tried messy estrogen creams, estrogen pills and even the Mona Lisa Touch laser treatment. Nothing worked! That is, until I tried Bonafide. It WORKS! Things are not 100% restored, but over time, I think it will get better. We (especially he) are very happy to have discovered Bonafide! 

A Review from Lori G.

Where have you been all my menopause life?!!!!

What an amazing product! So easy to use and delivers all that it promises. With having a hysterectomy in my mid-thirties, vaginal dryness had become such a problem, nothing was working before Revaree, so sex was something that I avoided. That is now in my past - and all with thanks to Revaree- this is such a must have product for me!

A Review from Mindy A.


I've been avoiding sex for over a year because it was so painful. I was skeptical at first but was willing to try anything. After 2 weeks, it was still a little painful, but bearable. Now after a month, sex is once again enjoyable, and my husband is pleasantly surprised when I instigate it! Thank you for bringing me and my husband closer than ever! What a gift from the heavens! 

A Review from Donna

Absolutely the Best!

Hello, I have never written a review even if the product was good. However, this must be my first one because Revaree, within one month, has worked when pelvic floor therapy and vaginal estradiol for two years still left me with painful intercourse! I'm a breast cancer survivor and take antihormone medication. For two years I've been suffering with painful sex and vaginal atrophy and dryness due to the medication. I read about Revaree, searched the reviews, and especially read those of women who have my same issue. I can honestly say within a month of using this sex was not as painful and within 2 months I have no pain at all! I'm so very thankful for this hormone free treatment. I am a military retiree from the medical field and told my Oncologist all about this. He was excited and looked it up while I was sitting there. I will tell my Gynecologists at my next appointment. I'm also going to lobby to have this offered on the military formulary through the base pharmacy. Every provider that treats women with these issues should be aware of this. My husband thanks you also. If you need a military spokesperson, then I'm your person!


  6. Chen J, et al. J Sex Med. 2013;10:1575-1584.


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